Why Should We Get Pre-Marital Counseling?

Why Should We Get Pre-Marital Counseling

This past Friday, I attended the wedding of two good friends.

These two friends had been dating for two years, were engaged after a year and a half of dating, and had originally planned for a long engagement while the bride finished her bachelor’s degree.

The couple had entered into their engagement with the intention of completing pre-marital counseling to ensure that their decision to marry was foolproof. They thought of the counseling as a “flu shot” and as being “preventative,” which is an excellent perspective on how beneficial pre-marital counseling can be.

Unfortunately, due to a change in their original perspective, they did not finish their pre-marital counseling and moved their wedding from three years in the future to this past Friday. They confessed that they moved up their wedding because there was a fear of marriage failure if they chose to wait any longer.

They did not realize that, by giving up on their counseling, they may be setting themselves up for the failure that they are most afraid of.

The benefits of pre-marital counseling has been defined in an article I’ve found while researching this topic:
1. There would be no secrets revealed after the “I Do’s” because they would have been revealed in counseling sessions.
2. You benefit from the objective perspectives on your relationship given by the counselor.
3. If done with a pastor, plans for worship and faith are clearly defined. Your pastor will also KNOW WHO YOU ARE before the ceremony.
4. It really is a good preventative method for divorce.

Melissa Butler

2 thoughts on “Why Should We Get Pre-Marital Counseling?

  1. Pre Marital counseling is definitely a plus! When we decide not to enter into the counseling, we are actually setting ourselves up for failure before we even begin. I am big on “the secrets.” Things that you think would jeopardize your marriage later if not revealed now, should definitely be discussed and brought to the surface. Thanks Melissa for the info. This is well needed.

  2. I totally agree, Pre-Marital counseling should be a must for all couples, I highly recommend our PREPARE/ENRICH assessment for couples that want to enrich their marriage and for those couples that want to prepare for marriage.

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