When Was The Last Time???

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     It is all sugar with spice and honey you are so nice in the beginning of most relationships.    How long do the “sweet nothings” last?  For a majority of marriages it does not last long.  It seems that we put our all into the relationship when it first begins.  Some would even go as far as sailing the seven seas to capture the heart of their significant other. Then after a while things seem to go cold. Where is the fire?  What happened to the roses, the feet rubs, the hot oil massages, the spontaneous dinner dates, the midday messages, etc.? What happened to the thrill?  When was the last time he looked into your eyes and told you how beautiful you are and how much you really mean to him?  When was the last time that she fell into your arms and told you how secure and protected she feels when she is in your arms?  When was the last time? 

     It is too often that we forget about the things that made us fall for one another.  It was those things that sparked a fire in our hearts and even influenced some of us to enter into marriage.  Take a moment to evaluate you marriage. Of course you are probably not going to do all those things that you use to do to keep the fire going.  However, just take a moment to see what you can do to reignite the fire in your marriage.  Start during this season and make a decision to bring back the thrill.  It is never too late until it is too late! Go ahead, make the first move. This is not just a relationship. This is your marriage!

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