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2 July 2014
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The bible lets us know that children are gifts from God.  No matter how they are conceived, they are still God-given gifts of life.  When children are born we see them as one of the most beautiful sites ever.  Just to hold them in your arms is such an unexplainable feeling.  We know that as long as they are in our arms, they are protected and secure. Protecting them becomes our number one goal.  We want to protect them from everything, which by the way is impossible.  Although it may be impossible to protect them from everything, we can protect them from some things.  One of the best ways to protect our children is through communication.  Yes, you guessed it, talk to them.  Talk to them about what?  Everything!  This includes sex!  Most parents will talk about everything else but sex.  With the growing epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, this should be the most talked about subject at home.  Some will agree and others will disagree.  As for the parents who agree, the next question is WHEN?  When should I discuss sex with my child? What is the appropriate age?  Frankly, there is not an appropriate age to have this discussion.  Base the timing of the discussion off the maturity level of the child along with your judgement as a parent.  So now the question arises; what or how much should be discussed?  The answer is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING!  Remember if you don’t communicate with them about sex, they will eventually become informed in ways that you never could dream of.  Moreover, they may find out “from or with” someone you may not want them to.  So let’s make it our responsibility to keep our children informed of the truth when it comes to subjects of this nature.  Afterwards; when the time comes, your children can make an informed and educated decision concerning themselves and their involvement in sex.

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One response on “When Should I Discuss Sex With My Children???

  1. I could not agree more Tim. I would rather bite the bullet sit down and talk to make sure my kids have correct knowledge than for them to get it from someone off the street who may skew the information.

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