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10 August 2015
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I have had the privilege to attend a Bible Conference for the last month called Journey to Joy.  The Pastor remarked that in God’s infinite wisdom He gave all of us two ears and one mouth.  However, we tend to use our mouths to be understood instead of our ears to gain understanding.  Imagine how different our marriages would be if we used our two ears to listen more than our one mouth to ensure that our partner understands our feelings?  How affirmed our children would feel if we listened with our ears to their ideas and thoughts, instead of using our mouths to tell them how to think and feel?  How would our friendships change if we used our two ears to empathize with a friend’s pain, instead of our mouths to spread their pain to others’ ears?  This week, let’s try to exercise our two ears more than our one mouth and see what changes we observe in our relationships with others.


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