8 June 2015
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True Words out of BabesOne of my two, too many, jobs as a LPC Intern is being a group facilitator for a battering intervention prevention program (BIPP).  With that being said, I work with men and women who have battered their intimate partner/family member.  I love facilitating these individuals, because they provide insight into why someone would hurt their loved one.  Most of the time, it is what was taught to them by their parents.  In the group, we examine two wheels: power and control and equality.  Most of the group members report that they find the group helpful in knowing that they are not alone, there are alternative choices than violence and that they are not judged as a bad person due to their frowned upon behaviors.  The hardest discussion to have with these group members is the effect that domestic violence has on their children.  After all, children follow the saying “monkey see, monkey do”.  So, when I watched this video of these children rejecting the request to slap a woman, I felt lighthearted!  There is still good in this world and these young men proved it.  Watch this short clip and tell me what you think and feel about our next generation!

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  1. Vernesa Perry says:

    A very powerful statement!

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