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In today’s society teens face many real-life troubling issues, regarding, school, family life, teen violence, relationships in and out of their home, health, daily stress, rejection, bullying, teen sex, teen pregnancy, abuse, drugs, drinking, depression, body image, etc. During many of these troubling issues teens are experiencing: hormonal growth, finding a balance between their desire to conform, but also establish their own independent individuality, wanting to fit in, going through an emotional roller coaster, and thinking no one cares.

Many issues teens face are connected or can be connected to one problem, like a chain reaction. For example, abuse, whether it’s within a relationship or in the home can lead a teen to drink, abuse drugs, depression, body image issues, stress and/or self mutilation. Some may turn to other teens for guidance and acceptance and end up in a gang, feeling rejected if not accepted, or in the end being pressured into doing something that will get them accepted by the wrong people.

Teens are known for having a hard time communicating with adults about their life. Sometimes there is a need for a therapist or some type of intervention. Teens should know that therapeutic intervention or counseling is not here to put them down or belittle them, or make them feel as if they cannot do better or change. Teen counseling can be a help towards moving in the right direction.

Latrina Majors

LaTrina graduated in 2009 from American InterContinental University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in forensics. In 2011 she earned her Masters of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology, as well as a certificate in Applied Forensics from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Teen

  1. Parents should be involved in their children/teens life so they can support them whether it is in minor or major issues. However, there maybe times when parents may need extra help from a professional. Parents and children need to know that counseling is a safe place for their children/teens to share what is on their mind and heart. Counselors are here to help guide them towards healing.

  2. Parents must put forth the extra effort to incorporate teenagers in their everyday schedule. It is important to stay involved in our children’s lives. Let them know how much you are concerned with what goes on with them on a day to day basis. I know we as parents have our own daily agenda, however; we have to remember that our priority and ministry begins at home.

  3. Yes, teens go through numerous changes to try and fit in with their fellow peers. With most households these days, both parents are having to work to provide for their household, which leaves children/adolescents on their own without parental watch. Without parental guidance and support, teens are subjected to other influences, whether it be positive or negative. If we want our children to feel the support and love that they require, parents should set aside time each day to check in with their child(ren) one-on-one to discuss emotions and thoughts of that day. The more we implement and practice this strategy, the more we can have a deeper connection with our adolescents. As a result, they may come to us first before another influence takes place.

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