Do You Tithe?

Are You A Tither?

This is a question that my friends and I often talk about. Will GOD not give you all that your heart desire if you do not tithe? Many people feel that you are to give 10% of your total income back to GOD through your church. We often contemplate on ways to tithe. Many of my friends are single parents and barely have enough money to cover their monthly expenses, so how are they going to give GOD 10% of their income? I struggled with that notion for many years and have come to this conclusion. Yes you should tithe 10% but it doesn’t have to be all in money. You can tithe with your time, by serving others. There was a time when I couldn’t tithe and my pastor taught a sermon about tithing with your time. He stated that GOD owns it all and doesn’t need money. He suggested that we can tithe by serving either in the church or helping others. I now serve almost weekly at my church. For a while, I was able to tithe 10% of my income, but lately my finances has change. However, I know that GOD will continue to bless me because I am his child not because I am a tither.

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  1. I know I have slacked in this area. There are times where I’m guilty of spending my money elsewhere than at my house of worship. I am not in need of manicures and pedicures each month (yes they are nice to have), but I AM in need of God each and every day. Thank you for this reminder to reevaluate my priorities and to place God at #1 spot.

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