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28 March 2015
Self Worth
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The Power of NoWhy do people find it so hard to say “No”?  It is as if we will receive severe consequences for stating a simple two letter word.  However, stating “no” to someone, is the start of setting boundaries of what is acceptable for you.

Setting boundaries is important to protect ourselves, including those closest to us.  If you were to constantly say “yes” to requests that you find impractical, unreasonable or unmanageable, you will wear yourself thin.  How would you be available to help those that you have said “yes” to, if you are thinned out?

You are important and boundaries (and limitations) are important.  Find out how much you’re able to have on your plate before considering a “yes” to someone’s request.  If you feel that you are depleted, say “NO”.  The most important thing to remember is this: When you are saying “no”, you are actually saying “yes” to yourself.  Be kind to yourself.

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One response on “The Power to Say “No”!

  1. Great Article!! It is importance not to overwhelmed yourself with taking care of everyone else needs. You have to learn how to say no so you can take care of yourself.

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