The Obama Marriage: Tips from the First Couple

President & First Lady Obama

President & First Lady Obama

While tabloids spew rumors of a marriage on the rocks, extra marital affairs, and divorce; Barack and Michelle Obama appear to continue to maintain a strong marriage.  Marriage is hard; I could not imagine the added pressure of living your life under the scrutiny of an entire nation.  Over the years I have watched the Obamas and I have often felt inspired by the loving relationship they seem to share.  Here are a few marriage tips I have learned by watching the first couple.

Healthy Couples are Friends. According to Michelle Obama, “Our relationship was first a friendship. It took off from there.” A marriage cannot be built on feelings of attraction and butterflies in the stomach. It is important for husbands and wives to have a strong friendship which includes enjoying each others time and conversation.

Continue to Date .  While the President and First Lady are busy running the nation, they still manage to find time for date nights.  Some cynics may argue that this is for the sake of the camera but their body language and chemistry together seems to indicate something different.  If they can find time for a date, most definitely the rest of us can.  They go out for dinner, dancing etc…; they make it a point to have fun down times together.  Date nights really can help couples reconnect and keep the romance alive.

Enjoy each other's company

Enjoy each other’s company

Stay connected through communication. Michelle has stated that despite being apart, often for extended periods, she and President Obama talk every morning and night.  Effective communication helps to build intimacy in a relationship.  Sometimes spouses are tired from a long day of work or being with the children but this is no excuse.  Make an effort to talk about more than the mundane details of your day, discuss your feelings, hopes, and dreams with one another.

I know that none of these tips are secrets; you’ve probably heard them before.  The thing is they work if you do them and do them consistently.  I think the Obamas are proof that a relationship can withstand just about anything if nurtured the right way.

Source: Sheri & Bob Stritof. “Quotes about the Marriage of Michelle and Barack Obama.”


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  1. Latrice, Very interesting article! We often model our behaviors from those that we admire. If our POTUS and 1st lady are the example of our nation, they are doing a great job displaying their affection towards each other! This is a couple I would definitely want to receive some relationship tips. Thank you 🙂

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