The Art of Journaling


Over the weekend I was doing some early Spring cleaning.  I found myself opening up some boxes that contained my childhood stuff.  Inside I found some wonderful memories… Barbie dolls, books, art work and journals.  I found myself intrigued in what my younger me wrote about within the journals, so I stopped and read them.  I read about my past loves and predicting our future with MASH/CASH, school assignments or teachers that I loved or hated, future plans of becoming a Doctor (maybe reach for that PhD someday still) and more.  Looking through and reading each of the entries brought the inner child out.  So, what is the big deal to journal? shares 5 reasons to journal:

1. Journals help you have a better connection with values, emotions and goals.

2. Journals improve mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus.

3. Journals improve insight and understanding.

4. Journals track your overall development.

5. Journals facilitate personal growth.

Each client that I see receives a journal and is suggested to write daily.  The clients that have told me they followed through with my suggestion have shown and FELT self-improvement.  Clients have told me that they have fewer negative thoughts, an increase in self-esteem/self-worth and have set clear goals with easy steps.  Journaling is a powerful strategy to help with the chaotic lifestyle that each of us live in.  Have you started a journal?  If not, when will you start?

Resource: Lifehack 5 Reasons to Journal

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