Does Loyalty Help World Peace?


As human we are naturally wired to have a sense of loyalty. Loyalty builds relationships that last for long periods of time. Loyalty also allows us to know who to trust and who to steer clear from. The question I have though, is why dos loyalty have to be so closed minded? For example if I am loyal to couch, can I not be friends or associate with my love seat. This thought came up yesterday while browsing through my time line. It was so many comments about the different disasters in the world. There was a great deal of fighting over what country to be loyal to.

I was saddened because most of the controversy and animosity was coming from my own people- African-Americans. Why as a black women do I have to be more outraged about Kenya than I do about France? Why can’t I be equally compassionate and concerned about all entities? I saw a meme on Facebook that read ‘Black people can care about Paris, the University of Missouri, HBCUS, police brutality, Syria, racial equality, Nigeria, education, and the election all at the same time without losing our “Black Card” It’s not a DAMN contest’.

This is my sentiment exactly. I don’t have to be partial to a crisis because of the race into which I was born. Truth is this planet is not as big as we would like to believe and when these tragedy’s happen they affect us all. I just wanted to touch on this subject because in order to get ahead we will HAVE to ALL come together because today it may be France but tomorrow it could possibly be at the United States front door. We should be so quick to dismiss issues that are global as ‘their problem’; they affect us all.