This year let’s get some sleep!

girl-sleepingThese first few weeks of the New Year mean that many of us are implementing changes in our lives. Unfortunately, those changes often taper off after a few weeks. One of the lifestyle changes that I want to make this year is to get more sleep. To motivate myself to make this change permanent I looked at some facts on the importance of getting enough sleep. According the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, a full night’s sleep aids in learning and memory as information and memories are consolidated during this time.  Chronic lack of sleep affects our metabolism and causes the body to store carbohydrates and alter hormone levels. Our immune systems become weaker and are unable to fight off infection. Sleep deprivation also causes us to become irritable, impatient, unable to concentrate, and moody and may also contribute to an increase in mishaps and accidents. Serious sleep disorders have been linked to an increase in stress and hypertension. For all of these reasons and the fact that I am a much nicer person when I get a great night of sleep, I am going to strive to keep this a priority in my life. As far as getting to sleep, I find a good workout or a good book really help me!

Do you feel like getting enough sleep is a problem for you and what keeps you from getting to sleep at night?