Toileting for Toddlers

Toileting For ToddlersParents are in a hurry!  Children are not!  Parents are tired of changing and buying diapers and asking themselves, “When can I start potty-training?”  Toileting can be frustrating!  Frustration can lead to wanting to pull your hair out, bribe your child, and even spank your child into submission.  Toileting is the last thing your child actually has control over in their life.  You tell them when they can eat, play, and bath, but they tell you when it’s time to go to the bathroom.  Gear up and put on your armor of patience because the key to learning this skill quickly is….(drum roll)… your child actually has to be ready!!

Anticipate when your child has to use the bathroom and take them to the bathroom during those times , (i.e. when they wake up, before/after snack, lunch, dinner, before/after nap, etc.).  Read books about toileting to arouse curiosity and interest about the bathroom/toilet.  Expect accidents!  Never spank.  You want the toileting experience to be pleasant – So praise and encourage any efforts for trying.