Self-Care Wheel


A colleague shared this self-care wheel tool with me, and I couldn’t pass up sharing with you all. Be sure to click on it to get a larger version!

The tool was made specifically for trauma professionals but I think it can be useful for all of us working in the helping profession (nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, firefighters, police officers, social workers, pastors, etc). The tool was designed to help with secondary trauma prevention and living your fullest life.

This self-care wheel not only covers your whole health but it even gives a new way at looking at these ares of your life. I love it – it is so comprehensive and amazing! If you feel stuck figuring out where to start, you can go to  and sign up for the FREE starter kit. It will guide you through sixteen questions to help you design and map out a more fulfilling life.

Self-care is an intentional act of loving, healing, and breathing life into your soul. With the year winding down, you can use this tool to evaluate how well  you really took care of yourself in 2015. Looking at this self-care wheel, I realized I have a lot of work to do! Figure out the areas you need to improve to prioritize self-care in 2016.

Remember, “the world will not end if you take ten minutes for yourself.” Cheers to self-care in the new year!!

Self-Care for Parents

Self-Care for Parents

Parents are professional care-takers of their children but often fail at taking care of themselves.  Some parents even feel guilty if they spend any time honoring their own desires and passions.  They may spend all their energy investing in their children’s passions and interests even at the expense of their own well-being.  The truth of the matter is a child’s well-being is directly related to a parent’s own well-being.  If parents take time for themselves — to refuel, to seek out their own passions and desires, to meet their own needs — their capacity to connect and take care of their children will be maximized.  By taking time for themselves, they not only model for their children the value of self-care but will be re-energized to  give their best to their children.

Look back at your list of dreams and wishes today and give yourself permission to do something just for you.

Tune Up


Eating healthy?  Exercising daily?  Getting a good night’s sleep?  And still feeling the same?  Music may be the trick!

Music has been the one self-care routine that I am able to maintain most effectively.  There was a time when I would listen to a particular song every single morning during a very difficult time in my life, and it really got my mind ready for the day.  Then driving home, I would listen to the song again to keep my spirits up.  I never really knew why music created healing and support, but what I did find to be true is that music was a quick fix-it or release to a broken spirit.

I recently read an article that gives us an excuse to continue to blast our music.  When listening to music or our favorite song, our brain releases Dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone.  Therefore our bodies have a physiological response when we listen to music resulting in a natural high.  Another plus to music is the hormone Oxytocin which creates bonding.  Oxytocin is released if we sing for thirty minutes.

So if you don’t have time to go to a Pilates class or can’t afford to buy organic foods, try a musical tune up – jamming in the car, singing with friends at karaoke, or just you at home listening to the sounds.  Music provides connection, healing, a good time, and reduces stress.