Social Media and Relationships

Disconnect to Reconnect

Social media has become a very prevalent part of society. 98% of all people in the world, or at least the United States of America are on some form of social media. If used correctly, the internet can be a wonderful tool. It can keep us in touch with friends and loved ones. It can keep us in the know on current event and what is trending (what is popular). It can also entertain us. Sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and the internet in general, puts the entire world at our finger tips. The problem comes into place when social media becomes all consuming. It is very difficult to be intimate when your partner is on the phone all the time. How can you possibly get a teenager to complete their homework or have family dinner when everyone is texting? When it comes to relationship, whether romantic or platonic we have to learn to monitor the use of social media. Just like the TV did in its earlier days, social media has just crept into our homes and is ruining our bonds/relationships.
Another con of social media/the internet is the easy access to adult material. Pornography is and has been running marriages forever. The only difference now is it has become a hot button topic thanks to social media. This is a common crossroad with social media. On one hand, the internet can be used as an outlet about the perils of pornography and the effects that it can have on relationships and marriages. On the other hand, though, the internet a can make it just that much more accessible perpetuating the problem. The internet can make the world a much smaller place so things such as cheating or communication that would have been impossible 10 years ago are no longer an adversary. Although cheating has never been a positive it may have been a bit more difficult 10 years ago when the girl on film was as easy to contact or meet as she would be today. We must make a conscious effort to use social media for what is for a that is to connect with people and be careful not to fall into some of the traps that may be presented when using it

Child Pornography

What is Your Diagnosis?

I recently read an article about Jared from Subway and his case about child pornography. It caused me to think a little. At first I was in denial and I just did not want to believe that the ‘Subway Guy’ could do such a thing. Immediately after though , I was disgusted and wanted him to be punished. After I finished reading the article and calming my emotions down I discovered that the real question is whether or not child pornography is a sickness or a choice. Even with the strides that have been taken, mental health is still pretty much a taboo subject. On the other hand though, people are quick to use the insanity plea and any other mental health cop out that they can and because of that people are weary to believe there is an issue when there really is one. But back to Jared….as I was reading the article it said that Jared was attracted to girls 16 and 17 from the time he was 15 and it just never progressed to older women. It can be any young girl, from what I understood from the article. He even had cameras in his own children’s rooms. What can be said about that? Is he an adult pervert or is there something mentally deeper that is causing him to be attracted to young girls? Jared took a plea deal and is headed to the federal prison for 15 years. The question in mind though is should he be in prison or should he be in some sort of therapy and rehab (he also has an alcohol addiction)?

BLOCK pornography!

BLOCK pornogrophy

Don’t assume your sons or daughters are free from the trap of pornography. We know good Christian families who have been blown away by a child’s involvement in this trap. Talk to your child about the importance of keeping his life pure by guarding what enters through the eyes. Jesus said, “The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness” (Matthew 6:22–23).

As your child grows older, begin pointing out some of the sexual images you see in the media, in commercials, in magazine advertisements, etc. Here are a few things you could talk about:

Explain that pornography is any type of media—words, photographs, movies, music—that stimulates sexual excitement. The beauty and the allure of the human body does stimulate such excitement; this excitement is appropriate and good within the marriage relationship, as God intended. Pornography ruins relationships and can lead to destructive compulsions or even addictions.

Without being overly explicit, explain that there are so-called gradations of pornography. Each step is dangerous. What may be harmless looking may be the first step down a slippery slope toward the polluted water. Warn your child of the danger of bringing impure images into his mind and heart. Pornography by its very nature is so addictive, so powerful, that even a casual, innocent encounter can trigger the desire to see more.

Explain where hard-core pornography is likely to be found—and how to stay away. Explain as well what to do if your child stumbles across a pornographic book, magazine, or Web site.

Don’t be like one mother who found some pornographic literature when she was cleaning her boy’s room and did nothing. She later said with a sigh to a friend, “Boys will be boys.” Ask God for wisdom in how to handle this volatile subject. Most likely, you will find that your child will react with tremendous shame when confronted with your discovery. Ask God to enable you to express His grace and forgiveness to your child. (Ephesians 2:8-9). If you need professional assistance give us a call.

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