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21 January 2014
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Book review: When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner

Harold S. Kushner, the author of this book, is a rabbi who had a son diagnosed with Progeria as a child and died shortly after his fourteenth birthday. Kushner struggled with the idea of believing in an all-powerful but fair God that allowed such tragedy to befall his family. After all, he was a rabbi […]

14 January 2014
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Respect in Your Family Relationships

Respect is important in every relationship whether it be with your friends, coworkers, significant other, or family members. Respect means that we treat others in a thoughtful and courteous way. Oftentimes it is those we are closest to that we find behaving in a respectful way the hardest – our family members. We can get […]

11 January 2014
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This year let’s get some sleep!

These first few weeks of the New Year mean that many of us are implementing changes in our lives. Unfortunately, those changes often taper off after a few weeks. One of the lifestyle changes that I want to make this year is to get more sleep. To motivate myself to make this change permanent I […]

27 December 2013
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Family Traditions

      Traditions are longstanding beliefs and/or activities that are passed down from generation to generation. Now is the time of year that so many families are gathering to partake in some of their own holiday traditions. I remember as a kid gathering with my family at my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve to spend time […]

16 December 2013
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Division of Labor in a Marriage

Disagreements over the division of labor in a marriage can cause some major problems. I myself am a young newly-wed (going on 3 years of marriage) and this particular issue is something that I have had to work on as well. Sometimes in a marriage one person feels like they are doing so much more […]

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