“The fabric of our lives” is the slogan for Cotton Incorporated.  A very true statement, especially for my husband and I.  We recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and there are many threads that are coming together to make us.  As I review the past two years of marriage with the person that I love, I realize that we only just begun weaving the threads together.  We are constantly working to improve our bond by coming to God as one, supporting each other in our endeavors and enjoying special, intimate moments.  Throughout the two years, we have had our share of arguments and achievements.  More days that were good, opposed to bad.  However, our fabric is in no way perfect… and I don’t believe that it is meant to be “perfect”.  Perfection is a standard that we will never reach, so I’d rather stay in the moment and count the blessings that we have made progression.  I admire those that celebrate 20+ years of marriage.  One day I hope that my husband and I reach that milestone, along with more.  After all, with each anniversary the “traditional gift” gets better and better.

Have you sat back and admired your progression with your spouse lately?  Regardless if you have made it to year 2 or year 52… be thankful that you have a partner in life that chose to share their pain, joy and love with you.  Thank your spouse today for what he or she has brought forward into the relationship that makes you strive for progression.

Church or Courthouse Weddings

great marriageMarriage and the sanctity of it has diminished a great deal in the last few decades. So much so that divorce has just become a normality. Could this be in part due to how people are getting married? Once upon a time marriages where big deals. You would have to wear a white dress, a reverend, a church, and close family and friends in order for the occasion to be complete. Something about making vows in front of the people you love as well as God that makes them harder to break and/or abandon all together. The traditional wedding has become taboo and people are getting married anywhere. In backyards, at court houses, in reception halls, on cruise ships, etc. Not only are people not having weddings in churches any more but preaches are not officiating anymore as well. Anyone can online and get ‘ordained’ to administer weddings and funerals now. I think by taking the sanctity out of marriage has diminished its longevity. Now, of course this is from a Christian perspective and I’m sure others will disagree but I believe if weddings were done o proper way they may last longer. Now I am by means saying that everyone should get married in a church and if they do not they are doomed to fail. What I am suggesting though is, if you decided to go to the court house use a minister instead of a judge. Let the judge be the witness. Marriage is such an intrical part of many people’s lives. In my opinion it is better to do things in whatever way you see fit, but don’t count out the old fashion way. Many marriages survived because of the commitment attached to the ceremony.

My Money Is Your Money

My Money Your Money

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh (Genesis 2:24). So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate (Matthew 19:6).

In marriage there really shouldn’t be my, his, or her money. The money should be ours. Money should not cause division in your marriage. After all our money is all God’s money that he has entrusted to us. Married couples should be on the same page in tithing, giving, spending, and saving.

You need to be a team to have a successful marriage. Money is powerful, and if we don’t have any accountability we can become selfish very quickly. We need our spouse on our team, so that we can have the right perspective on our money. If you are not on the same page it is important to sit down and have a talk about creating a spending plan together.

Not only will you develop a deeper bond with your spouse when you can manage your finances together, but you will please God. Your intimacy will improve as well. Finances can deepen your relationship with one another if done right and if done together. When you keep your finances separate it says that I don’t trust you, or I am not ready to become one.

More marriages have blown apart over financial issues than almost any other factor!! Always discuss your finances as a couple. One spouse will usually have more financial skill and will naturally take the lead, but this is not an excuse for the other spouse not to be involved. Listen to what God is telling you through your financial circumstances. Don’t forget that everything we have comes from God. He owns all of it, and He entrusts it to us to use for His purposes. True financial success comes from following God’s plan for our finances.

Vernesa Perry

Two Shall be One

two shall be oneFacebook and other social media can ruin your marriage. If there is no accountability and you are not clear on boundaries you can ruin your marriage. Marriage is supposed to be holy.  Do not allow social media to control you. Marriage should be number one priority after your relationship with Christ so cherish it and guard it against all attack. Start safeguarding your marriage by avoiding ALL secrecy. I also believe that both spouses should share passwords to stay accountable to each other. Transparency builds trust and trust is the foundation on which successful marriages are built. You should be able to tell your spouse where you are and who you are with. Out of respect tell them what time you are coming home. This should not be hard if you have nothing to hide. One of my favorite scriptures in Mark 10:9 says, “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Genesis 2:24 says that “Two shall be one”.

Where is Your Money Going?


Do you find it hard to keep an account of your money? I remember getting paid on the 1st of the month just to become broke by the 2nd after paying all of my monthly bills. How can you manage your money and get out of debt? Money is one of the leading causes for divorces or breakups. One way to get out of debt is to STOP SPENDING!! I know it is easier said then done. The first thing you should do is to write down all of your monthly bills and expanses. Once you have done this, you will know exactly how much you have left to spend. I know most of us live check to check so there is not much left to do anything. It is important to live within your budget. If you don’t have it to spend, don’t spend it.  This too means to stop using your credit cards.  The interest rate you are charge monthly doesn’t put a dent in your over all bill.  The best way to get rid of your credit card debt is to pay the card with the largest amount off first and only use it for emergencies. An emergency is not going to the mall or to a restaurant. Also, try cutting back on your bills. Try eliminating the high cable bill and keep the basic channels. Rent movies when they come out instead of going to the movies. You can also cut back on eating out from every week to twice a month. All the little things can help with the big picture, which is to save and preserve your money. If you are still unable to budget your money, try to sit down with a financial planner or see if your church or school have a program that can help you with a financial plan.