DIY Project: How to Build the Foundation for a Perfect Love Story

DIY Project_How to Build the Foundation For a Perfect Love Story
DIY PROJECT: How to Build the Foundation for a Perfect Love Story

The following ingredients are needed for this DIY project and can be found in a local bible near you at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
1 cup of Patience
¾ cup of Kindness
2 cups of Rejoicing
1-2 cups of Trust
1-2 cups of Forgiveness
4 cups of Belief
3 cups of Hope
2 cups of Endurance

First, understand that there is a mixture we have to make for the foundation to be smooth enough to be laid.

Step 1: Begin with 1 cup of patience with yourself and 1 cup of patience with your partner. You were both created with flaws. There will be mistakes made and mountains to overcome and this ingredient will help tremendously in the long run.

Step 2: Use your brush to stir in a ¾ cup of kindness in the mixture. Be gentle with your words, your actions, your heart, and with your partner’s heart. Go out of your way, matter of fact, get out of your way and be kind to one another.

Step 3: This a BIG step- the elimination step, also known as the purging. This process may take some time and could be on-going. You ready? Purge that full cup of envy, which I never told you to grab! Hating Facebook, your partner’s job, or family because it takes some of your partner’s attention won’t do you any good. Have faith that his/her heart belongs to you. Boastfulness, you know, telling your partner all that you have sacrificed will only make him/her feel bad. So if you love your partner, eliminating this won’t be a problem. And that pint of Arrogance or rudeness will only crack the foundation that you are trying to build. So let’s get rid of that too! Oh and don’t forget the importance of getting rid of your ½ cup of stubbornness-you know insisting your own way. It will ruin this project! Next, throw the ¾ cup of wrongdoing in the trash– lies and cheating don’t belong here!

Step 4: Throw out the record of wrongdoings of the past. Let go of the resentment that slowly crept its way into the mixture.

Step 5: Once you have completed Step 4, pour in 2 cups of rejoicing in the truth of God’s glory and your union! Focus on and remind each other of the good qualities and times.

Step 6: Now are you ready for the restoration? Pour in trust and forgiveness are an essential for this project, I would say you need at least 1-2 cup of each.

Step 7: Do know that this foundation will bear a heavy load at times. Therefore, be understanding and 3 cups of believe in this mixture will help you understand that if you followed the instructions carefully, it will hold up the weight of every pound that is put on it.

Step 8: 2 cups of hope are essential as you encounter obstacles. Hope is the ingredient that will help reduce wear and tear.

Step 9: Protect the foundation: physically and mentally, with 1 more cup of belief. Another cup of hope because it’s going to help keep the foundation sturdy, and 2 cups of endurance no matter the stakes.

Step 10: Now keep stirring this mixture until it’s smooth. When you are ready, lay down the foundation mixture and let GOD continue to build the house.

Blog inspired by: GOD 
Love is patience. Love is kind. Love does not envy or boast. Love is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insists its own way. Love is not irritable or resentful. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing. Love rejoices in truth. Love bears all things. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things. Love endures all things -1 Corinthians 13:4-8.