What Does Autism Mean to You?

What Does Autism Means to You?

Autism awareness month is winding down. As I look around at schools or in neighborhoods, I see support autism signs and homes with blue lights on them. The question I ask myself is, once the month is over what’s next for autism? I do appreciate the month where autism should be place on the forefront of everyone’s mind as a reminder of such a crazy and unexplained epidemic that has taken hold of so many children and families lives. However, I am not one that celebrate the month because I live with it 365 days a year. My son Jaylon, is a walking billboard of what Autism is. He was diagnose ten years ago at age 3 and it has been a roller coaster ever since. I have watch him struggle to form a word to now talking back to me when I asked him to do something. Although I hate when he talks back to me, I love the fact that he can. My son is still developmentally behind, but he has made tremendous progress that has truly inspired and amazed me.  He is my inspiration and has taught me what true love is…

To those that are raising a child/children with special needs, I understand your heartache, pain, love and commitment to your child/children. GOD chose us to be the caregivers to his special children. No matter how hard it get both emotionally and financially, please know that because we were chosen to care for GOD child/children, GOD will always take care of us. If there is anyway I can assist you and your family, please give me a call. We are all in this together….


What Does Autism Means to You?

This is what Autism means to me!!

Will You Continue To Fight?

Will You Continue To Fight?

So many times in life we give up on things just as soon as things get hard. Are we looking for the right things or just a quick fix? It is so easy to give up because we are afraid of failing. What we need to learn is that when things are getting hard, we must continue to fight and push. I have learned to recognized that when I feel like I am losing the battle, I continue to find ways to push through. Here are the three things I do to preserver through the tough times. The first thing I do is to bring my problem to GOD, because I want him to know that I need help. The second thing I do is to thank GOD for the giving me the desire of my heart. I want GOD to know that I have faith that he will get me through even when I don’t see a way. The last thing I do is to continue to fight through it. If I don’t continue to try, I am telling GOD that I really don’t want it.

It is important to never give up on your dreams. No matter if it is a job, your love ones or yourself, NEVER GIVE UP! As the scripture states, “Faith without works is dead”…

Can You Love After Losing a Love One?

Can You Love After Losing a Love One?

Losing the love of your life is a gut wrenching event that is hard to process.  The only way some people can cope with the loss is by blocking the pain out. So many times when something so traumatic happens to us, our subconscious finds a way to block it so we can continue to function in our day to day lives. Do you think you are really functioning or are you just going through the motions? How can you learn to open your heart for love if you have not dealt with the heartache you had endure?

Do you think GOD wants you to be alone for the rest of your life? I believe that GOD will give you someone else for you to give and receive love.  Although it is hard to understand why GOD takes our love ones away, but he still wants us to love again. There will never be anyone to replace the love you lost, but GOD gives us the ability to allow our heart to heal and make room for someone else. Some people may feel that if they love again they are replacing their love one. I  believe that GOD allows our hearts to grow where we can keep a part of our heart for the love one we lost, but allow a different part to grow and love someone else. You don’t have to stop loving someone to more forward in your life to love again. If you trust GOD with all of your heart, he will show you how to love again.

If you are feeling lost and afraid to love again, please give me a call so I can assist you in moving forward in your life.








Do You Tithe?

Are You A Tither?

This is a question that my friends and I often talk about. Will GOD not give you all that your heart desire if you do not tithe? Many people feel that you are to give 10% of your total income back to GOD through your church. We often contemplate on ways to tithe. Many of my friends are single parents and barely have enough money to cover their monthly expenses, so how are they going to give GOD 10% of their income? I struggled with that notion for many years and have come to this conclusion. Yes you should tithe 10% but it doesn’t have to be all in money. You can tithe with your time, by serving others. There was a time when I couldn’t tithe and my pastor taught a sermon about tithing with your time. He stated that GOD owns it all and doesn’t need money. He suggested that we can tithe by serving either in the church or helping others. I now serve almost weekly at my church. For a while, I was able to tithe 10% of my income, but lately my finances has change. However, I know that GOD will continue to bless me because I am his child not because I am a tither.

Do You Feel Distant from Your Family?

Do You Feel Distant From Your Family?

As we grow older in life, our views on life and people change. We have friends that may come and go, but how do you deal with your family?  The one thing you can’t change in life is your family and it can be the most challenging part of your life.  As the saying goes ” there is a time and season for everything” and it can hold true for your family. Sometimes our family issues can be overwhelming to handle and we need to take a break from them. You don’t want to get into a situation where there is so much negativity and turmoil that causes months or years of un-rest and non-communication. The best thing for you to do is to put yourself and your health first. It’s okay to stay at a safe distance from your family so you can process what is going on within yourself and see how it is affecting your reaction to your love ones. Sometimes our issues are not just the inconsistencies of our family, but the uncertainty within ourselves. Once you are at a place in your life where your are happy with yourself you can being to allow others in.

If you are having difficulties with yourself and/or your family, please give me a call so I can assist you with navigating your way back to your true self.



Do You Know GOD’S Voice?

Do You Hear GOD'S Voice?

Have you ever felt that GOD doesn’t hear your prayers? Some of us even feel that GOD is not directing us on the right path.  This is so far from the truth. GOD hears and sees all and talks to each and every one of us. So why do you think GOD does not speak to you?

It took me a long time to realize that GOD has always been there for me and has been talking to me. I remember saying when something went wrong, “my gut or my intuition told me not to do that”. I now know that it was GOD talking to me. I think he has a funny sense of humor as to allow me to learn the hard way when I didn’t listen to him. I am still a work in progress but I listen and trust him when he tells me to do or not do something. I no longer question him even when I disagree with it.

If you are unsure if GOD is speaking to you, try talking to him. You don’t have to start with a long prayer or wait until the end of the day when you get on your knees to pray. He is with you 24/7! You can talk to him while you are working, eating, or hanging with friends. Once you take the time to listen to him, you would experience less heartache, heartbreak or a hard time in life.

My mother always said, “If you continue to do the same thing, you will get the same result”. So try something different today, try talking to GOD and listen to what he has to say. He will not steer you in the wrong direction.