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Marriage Communication Roadblock #4

Persuading with logic, arguing, instructing, lecturing. Ex: “Don’t you know people with self respect don’t do….?” (Here’s why you’re wrong…, It would be best for you).

Marriage Communication Roadblock #3

Moralizing, preaching, obliging. Ex: “You should have told him/her…..” (It is your responsibility…).

Marriage Communication Roadblock #2

Warning, Threatening, Admonishing. Examples are: “You better be home right after work.” (If you don’t then….).

Marriage Communication Roadblock #1

Directing, ordering or commanding. Examples are: “You have my dinner ready by 7:30 pm.” (You have to…, You will…).  This would be a sure way of going hungry in my house, IJS.

Ending Jealousy Part III

Dealing With Jealousy You DO Deserve: There are times when jealousy is justified.  Infidelity causes inevitable jealousy.  You may think that you can’t continue a marriage once trust has been broken, but it is possible.  These steps can be taken to rebuild trust and confidence in your troubled marriage: 1. Pray.  Attend a church or […]

Ending Jealousy Part II

Dealing With Jealousy You Don’t Deserve Jealous usually comes from the inability to control another person.  Women may become jealous when their husband notices other women.  However they need to keep in mind that men are visual and notice women the way we may notice a great pair of shoes.  That doesn’t mean that they […]

Ending Jealousy Part I

When your spouse tells you what you what to do, it feels controlling.  When people take orders from their spouses they are contributing to their own domination.  Despite threats to punish disobedience, they will most likely pout, get mad or withdraw.  The best solution to change and stop domination you need to what you need […]

Quit Talking So Much

Nagging and lecturing is a sign that you are more focused on the changes your spouse can make instead of doing some self reflection.  You may be expressing your feelings but after so much of this they may be tuning you out. A very common example is: A woman had been complaining for years about […]

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