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4 May 2016
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Communication Can Make or Break Families

It has been laid on my heart to move from blogging a third person academic blog to speaking of communication in families from first hand experience with the knowledge I have gained academically and spiritually.  Family is one of the most important support systems that a person can have.  A family member can also be […]

4 May 2016
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The Good Ole Days!!!

Who remembers “the good ole days?” I admit that I am not old enough to have lived during the good ole days era. One of the current presidential candidates keeps referring to “the good ole days.” How he would like for things to be as they were during the good ole days. Who is the candidate? […]

19 April 2016
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From Reacting to Responding

  Being able to move from reacting to responding can be a challenging feat. Honestly, both seem pretty comparable because we often use the words interchangeably; but when using in practice, they are quite different. Reacting is usually an impulsive, emotional action.  For example, your husband cheats on you. You are angry and hurt. You […]

14 April 2016
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Who’s The Parent?

Recent events have caused me to question who is the parent in certain situations. A week ago I encountered a mother and her son at the grocery store. The son could not have been more than 8 years old if that.  He wanted his mother to buy him something and I am assuming she said […]

24 March 2016
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Is Social Media the New Drug???

Has social media become so addicting that it is the new drug destroying lives? The answer seems to be yes. I was listening to the radio last week and a listener had wrote in with a question/problem regarding his current relationship. The story went something like this……the guy has been in a relationship with his […]

22 March 2016
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Stop Saying and Asking Your Single Friends….

  I have compiled a SHORT list of questions and statements that you should stop saying and asking your single friends.  I know you mean well, and you are only trying to be supportive but sometimes your words and questions make being single seem like a disease. Why Are You Still Single? Ok, so you […]

23 February 2016
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Ways to Rekindle Your Marriage!!!

Since we are in the month of AMORE’, what better time to devise a plan to put a little spark or even all out fireworks back into your marriage and/or relationship.  Many times we get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life….cooking dinner, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids and lets […]

4 February 2016
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Black History Month

As an African-American, I choose to study the history of ethnic background. I do this throughout the year but even more so during the month of February. Why? Because this month has been titled Black History month. I find it odd that we do not have a Caucasian History Month or a Hispanic History Month […]

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