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Women…Improve Sex with your Husband

FOR WOMEN: 1. Communicate that you accept his sexual nature as valid and God given. (don’t withhold and try to change him) 2. Be energetic. 3. Be sensitive to his sexual nature. (know that that he is visual) 4. Be organized. (make sure you are available and tell him what you need) 5. Be sexual. […]

Men…How to Improve Sex with your Wife

According to Jimmy Evans on the Mission: Marriage showing on Day Star: FOR MEN 1. Be sensitive to every problem and stress your wife has in her life. (women are inclusive, everything is connected through sex, she needs to know you care to open up sexually) 2. Be sensitive to her different nature. (communication about […]

Six Ways to Hinder Your Prayers

Many of my clients come to me broken and frustrated about their marriages and their lives.  I prayed and thought about why that might be.  Many feel like God isn’t hearing their prayers and I reassure them that he is.  It got me to thinking about what hinders our prayers I came across this great […]

Complementing, Not Conflicting, in Marriage

By Dr. Tony Evans on April 11, 2011   (Reprinted from   One of the most uninformed statements that a husband or wife can make is, “We are not compatible.” Sometimes the words change: “We don’t have anything in common,” or, “We are as different as night and day.” Of course you are different. […]

Understanding Basic Principles of Marriage & Money

  This is republished from the Marriage Today website.  I think the author of the post is Jimmy Evans, but it isn’t specified.  Awesome information to pass on and help us marrieds. Of all the enemies that can attack the intimacy and security of a marriage, money problems are among the most destructive. In fact, […]

Hidden Issues in Couple Communication

  HIDDEN ISSUES One reason communication can be confusing and unsatisfying is because two people are having different conversations: one about the actual topic and one about the hidden topic that has not been revealed. Some signs of hidden issues are: Arguing about “little things.” Constant misunderstandings that result in comments like, “You know that’s […]

Top Five Sex Needs of a Woman

This information comes from Dr. Kevin Lehman, author of Sheet Music and other great books on sex and intimacy in marriage. Women’s Sex Needs affirmation connection non-sexual touch spiritual intimacy romance

Top Five Sex Needs of a Man

This information comes from Dr. Kevin Lehman, author of Sheet Music and other great books on sex and intimacy in marriage. Men’s Sex Needs mutual satisfaction connection responsiveness of wife initiation of wife affirmation Women’s follow tomorrow, so fellas you aren’t off the hook!

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