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3 June 2014
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Less Talk and More Actions!!!

Last week while surfing the web I came across this article written by Jennifer Deberry Mann, titled Rules For Happy Couples: Less Talk and More Actions!  Mann base most of her findings on books written by Susan Page. According to the article couples need to find new ways to do what they say. Here are […]

26 May 2014
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Remembering Our “Fallen Heroes”

As being a 13 year veteran of the US Armed Forces, I wanted to take this time to remember our “fallen heroes.”  There are hundreds and thousands of soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors that have sacrificed their lives for this great country that we live in.  Many have fought in wars far and near with […]

24 May 2014
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When It’s More Than A Problem!!!

  As parents we sometimes find it difficult to discipline our children but we know that it helps in molding them morally and in being productive citizens. What happens when you have tried several methods and you realize that your child’s defiance is completely out of control. Your child may be suffering from a childhood […]

22 May 2014
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Watch Your Mouth

One of my favorite things Jesus ever said was, “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt. 12:34). Now, whether you find yourself leaning towards the camp of Christianity or more towards thinking “the Bible… Psssssh” you have to admit that what He said does make a good deal of sense. Seriously, […]

7 May 2014
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“the Spirit of Procrastination”

I sometimes find myself rushing to do things at the last minute.  I know that these things must be done by a certain time and I always find myself waiting until the last minute to get it done.  This is what your call I call “the spirit of procrastination!”  This is a horrible attribute to […]

29 April 2014
Self Improvement
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The Power of No!!!

                     Since I was a young girl; perhaps it has to do with being a middle child- as long as I can remember I have been a “yes girl.”  If my older are younger sister would not do something, I would take up the slack as a way to keep the peace.  Being […]

15 April 2014
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Loving Gestures Begin to Fade–Angry Marriage Sign #1

Everyone looks forward to special gestures in their marriage.  If you stop feeling like doing them or if they don’t happen very often, this may be a sign. At the start of an anger cycle the willingness and interest in doing favors, or treating your spouse and special ways stops.  If your spirit of generosity […]

26 February 2014
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Gottman Sound Relationship House Part 5

The next level in Gottman’s Sound Relationship House is called the Positive Perspective. Gottman says that happy couples have Positive Sentiment Override, meaning that they view their spouse in a positive way. Neutral actions are interpreted with positive meanings, and even negative actions are interpreted as “she’s just having a bad day.” In contrast, unhappy […]

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