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3 November 2013
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Self-talk is the inner voice in your mind that talks to you. Your internal voice can determine how you identify in each situation; it consists of conscious thoughts in addition to subconscious thoughts and viewpoints. Some self-talk can be reasonable, for example, ‘I need to cook dinner’, ‘I need to study’, ‘Today is Tuesday’. On the other hand, some of the negative self-talk that a person does can be detrimental and conflicting. ‘I hate myself,’ ‘I will never be good enough’, ‘I am stupid’, ‘My life is terrible’, ‘Everybody hates me’, ‘I am a screw up’.

It is common for the negative self-talk to carry more weight than the positive self-talk. In order to switch from the negative to the positive you must switch your irrational thinking to rational thinking – change and challenge your self-talk.

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One response on “Switching from Negative to Positive Self-Talk

  1. Paul Cook says:

    This very interesting. One would never think how our inner thought s dictate some the things that we say and do. We need to change our thought process for the positive side and encourage others that our negative thouhts could cause destruction of ourselves and our love ones.

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