Stages Of Change

Stages of Change

The process of change has been studied to identify five stages according to the transtheoretical model, “TTM”.  The first stage, precontemplation allows for a person to be unaware of a need for change in their behavior.  Examining the pros and cons of continuing a behavior may inform a person towards considering a need for change.  We can think about change and educate ourselves on the consequences before making a commitment towards change.  We devote time and energy towards researching before making choices in most areas of life.  How can we be better informed about the effects of our habits and choices on our long-term health and relationships?  I would like to consider what the effect the television has had on the American culture.  I am considering making it a goal to go one month without watching television to see how my life might be different.  Anyone interested in sharing this goal with me?

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  1. Oh man!! I would totally join in on your goal, but I just started getting into The Walking Dead and it’s too addicting to let it go for a whole month. Maybe I will have to start up that challenge in a couple of months. Good luck to you and I would love to hear how it worked out for ya!

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