Sleep is Good!!!

The Importance of Sleep

For many working adults and parents, we tend to be in full throttle mode on a daily basis.  Even at night when it is time to settle down, relax and prepare for a wonderful sleep; we tend to continue to play scenarios over in or heads or continue planning the next days events. How many of us truly bother with ensuring that we get adequate sleep on a regular basis?  Several studies show that on average adults between 25-64 years of age should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep nightly.  This time does not include the time you are laying in the bed pondering and planning  for things to come. Why is sleep so important?  Excellent question!!! Sleep affects several aspects of our lives.  Take weight loss for example, you would not think that these to have a correlation but they absolutely do.  If you do not get enough sleep you may lack the energy to exercise. You may also decide to get that venti frappuccino, or latte because you are to tired and need that extra boost of caffeine and calories.How many of you have gone to work in a grouchy mood because you did not get enough sleep?  How many of you say, “I’m not a morning person?” ( Okay, I say this one….alot!!!) Is it that you are not a morning person or simply suffering from sleep deprivation?  My challenge for you all is a two-week sleep challenge.  All you have to do is make sure you are in the bed (preferably sleep) for 7 to 9 hours for 14 days.  I know with our schedules this is easier said than done but I want to encourage each of you to try. Each day of the challenge note any differences you experience both positive and negative. And at the end of the 14 days share your experience with everyone.

Happy Sleeping!!!

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