Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

shoulda, coulda, woulda

I should have bought comfortable flats instead of these 4 inch heels.

I could have gone to University of Texas instead of settling for a satellite school.

I would have bought Advil if I knew I was going to have this headache.

Stop “shoulding” on yourself!  Life is a bunch of choices (or box of chocolates if you are Forrest Gump) that all of us make on a daily basis.  Most of us look back and regret our past choices – relationships, education, outfits, etc.  I know I’ve had my fair share!  Along with regret, we also have expectations for our future choices.  For example: “Next time, I will do better.”  Reality check – no one is guaranteed a “next time”, a tomorrow nor another hour.  Our society teaches us to always look forward to the future.  How can one look forward to the future if one is dwelling on past mistakes or not even being aware of their present situation.  Take some time this week and slow down.  Notice what is happening right now.  Do you notice birds chirping outside?  Do you hear the white noise from your air conditioning unit?  Do you smell the perfume of your loved one?  When you let go of what we shoulda, coulda and woulda done, you will realize that life will still continue onward regardless of the choices that you have made.  Be thankful for what you have done in your past, learn from it and create your future by being present.

“We are alive in the present moment, the only moment for us to be alive.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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