Sad, Maybe Mad, But not Bad!

Depression is often confused with being only sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, tearfulness, and emptiness. However, with children and teens depression has many faces. Children and adolescents who cause problems at home or school are often defiant to the rules, argumentative with parents and teachers, hostile towards siblings and peers, skipping classes, running away from home, engaging in risky behavior, and making poor decisions. As adults we tend to concentrate on fixing the “bad” behavior and end up making many negative statements and judgments, and giving ultimatums. But if we take the time to listen, often times we will find that there may be simply anger and sadness underneath all the “bad” behavior. We need to resist the urge to lecture or criticize. It’s easy to tell them to just stop it, but when we do they feel like we just don’t get it, and then we discredit ourselves. Depression can be very dangerous if untreated. So if you see these warning signs, now you can focus on taking positive steps to help them. Contact us so we can help you help them.

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