Road Rage Is Real!!!


We all have our pet peeves when it comes to driving. For instance, I absolutely loathe when other drivers wait until the very last-minute to get over; when signs have been posted that the lane they are in is about to end. In my opinion, them waiting causes  traffic pile ups. Let’s be honest, who really wants to let them over? The signs are posted in advance so that traffic will run smoothly. All this being said; the other day I was taking my daughter to a dentist appointment and we ran into construction. The sign stated that the right lane was going to end and to merge left. I of course got over once I saw the sign. Others waited until the last-minute. As we went through the light the middle lane also closed, so naturally all the people in the middle lane began to enter into the lane I was in. I did not have a problem with this as the sign did not state that both lanes would be closed. While I was letting someone in front of me, the person behind me tries to go around……yeah I blocked him!!! He begins to blow his horn and throw his hands up. I continue to drive the speed limit. Once the lanes open up, this guy decides to drive beside me clearly fussing. I simply smile and wave at him. This pisses him off even more. He then pulls in front of me and slams on his brakes. I anticipating that he was going to do something stupid had already began to switch lanes… as he hit his brakes I smiled and waved as I passed him. This dude was relentless….he speeds up and begins honking his horn to get my attention because at this point I will not acknowledge his presence.  This man runs into the car in front of him while giving me the one finger salute. I stop and gave the hit car my information in case she needed a witness. At this point Mr. Road Rage will not even look in my direction. I laughed all the way to the dentist office. An officer did call me and I told exactly what happened….he who laughs last….laughs best!!!!

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