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26 May 2014
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As being a 13 year veteran of the US Armed Forces, I wanted to take this time to remember our “fallen heroes.”  There are hundreds and thousands of soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors that have sacrificed their lives for this great country that we live in.  Many have fought in wars far and near with dignity, pride, and respect, only to meet their demise.  There are some that we know, some that are not known, and sadly, there are some that are forgotten.  Sometimes it is hard to make sense of the reasoning to send our troops to fight in the many different foreign nations.  However, it is a job! And with this job comes sworn obligation.  Most people who enter into the Armed Forces never give it a thought that they may very well lose their life while serving.  As for me, I never gave it a second thought until I found myself on the battlefield.  It is normally the battle grounds that bring the reality check that there is a possibility of not returning home alive.  So during this season, remember our “fallen heroes.”  Give memory to their legacies, their families and their dedication to our country.  In doing so, we continue to preserve their dignity!!!

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