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14 September 2015
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Redefining Gender RolesWhen I tell individuals that I enjoy mowing my yard, I receive a look of confusion.  After all, I am married, so why isn’t my husband not doing the mowing?  Well, my husband does other household chores: washing the dishes, vacuuming and cooking.  As a couple we discussed what each will do to maintain our household.  One of those was for me to maintain our yard… I view this chore as my bi-weekly workout routine and stress reliever.  Ultimately, I encourage all women to mow their yard at least once to feel powerful (at least that is how I feel afterwards).

Back in the “good ole days” women maintained the interior of the home while men were the financial providers of the household.  Well, times have changed and so have some of our established gender roles…slowly.  As the current breadwinner, I can totally relate to the financial stress that my father and probably other males feel when balancing the family checkbook.  I tell the men in my battering group that I get their stress since I live it — as a female!  I don’t view my husband as less of a man with me being the breadwinner, because I know he assists me in other aspects.  I brag a little too much about my husband’s amazing cooking!

If women want to be considered more equal, than my suggestion is for them to attempt some of the so-called “male roles”.  Get your hands dirty working on your car, mow the yard, take the trash out, etc.  Men, place yourself in your wife’s shoes for a bit — tend to ya’lls children, sweep and mop the kitchen, attend PTA meetings.  Learn what it takes to assist your partner, to grow more appreciation for them.  Redefine and shake up gender roles — you are meant to be equally yoked.

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  1. Veronica Swink says:

    I like the line about “learning to assist your partner” – its not really about “his” job or “her” job but serving each other which in turn serves the relationship and lightens each other’s load. .

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