What Red, White and Blue Means to You!!!


I was watching the news yesterday as anchors covered the history leading up to the Independence of the U.S.A. One historian stated that the British still views America as “the defiant teenage”. Basically, America will soon realize the error of its rebellious ways “like a teenager” and return to Mother England. Pretty sure, this is not going to happen.!!! It was however, very interesting to hear view points from both sides of the pond. What I learned….reinforced what I already knew…….one’s perception of a situation is everything!!! The British view us as rebels with an unnecessary cause…and we view it as getting out from under tyrant dictatorship. Who’s right……who’s wrong? I guess your perception of the situation determines that for you. We will always have should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s but they are all based on our perception of the encounter. Bottom line, no point of view should be minimized, because you do not agree with it…..various perceptions lead to insight!!! Although, I’m pretty sure the U.S.A. is not going to return to earlier days of colonization……STRANGER things have happened…..so Happy Independence Day…..maybe in 30 years we’ll celebrate with a spot of tea…pinkies out…..lol!!!

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