But God

But God

“But God”
(Song by Isaac Carree feat. James Fortune)

Ha ha ha, you know people have no idea what you went through to get to where you are.
So many times it seemed like it was over, but God. Isaac Carree, tell em about it.Every time I think that I’m all by myself, I just look up in the sky and that’s where I find my help.

You might think that you got it all worked out and you think that everything’s okay.
There ain’t nothing that you done to deserve His mercy, and His grace.
(He gives us what we don’t deserve, that’s why we say it’s amazing.)

You were bout to lose everything, but God (I know I’m not the only one who’s been there).
When the doctor said any day, but God (He made the doctor).
And the devil tried to test your faith but God (He thought he really had you this time).
But God, yeah but God. Nobody but GOD. But GOD!

Give me one good reason why you should still be alive.
That accident you passed last night was meant to take your life.
It would have been you in the grave, you could have been with the pain.
When the judge said twenty to life, should have been calling your name, but God.

There ain’t nothing that you done to deserve His mercy, and His grace
(Can I get a witness on that? Thank ya Isaac.)

You were bout to lose everything, but God.
When the doctor said any day, but God (then you went back and he couldn’t find nothing!).
And the devil tried to test your faith, but God.
(If ya grateful for a but GOD in your life.)
But God, yeah but GOD, nobody, but God, but GOD.

Just know that there ain’t no situation that you’ve come out of on your own (He’s always been right there wit ya).
Right in the middle of the last don’t mean your life.
Might have thought that you were by yourself, but he was right there by your side.

You were bout to lose everything, but God (In the hospital with your baby).
When the doctor said any day, but God. And the devil tried to test your faith, but God.
(you thought it was over) But God, yeah but God, nobody, but GOD, but GOD!

And to every survivor listening, who’s ever been counted out and even canceled out.
And your situation may have looked impossible and now people are looking for an explanation on how in the world you made it through what you went through.
I don’t want you to let everybody in all your business, but I just want you to look at them and give em the short version of your testimony and just tell em, you know what, it was nobody, BUT GOD!

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Live in Truth and Light

half truth

Marriage (and Life) Makeover Tip:

Having trouble getting love from your husband? Are you having trouble getting respect from your wife?  Is it a struggle to get your children to follow your directions? Perhaps you are modeling dishonesty in your home.  Do your actions and motives reflect your belief in God and align with truth? Ask God to reveal any ways in which you are modeling dishonest behavior.  Be ready to and willing to hear his answers.  If your spouse AND several other people are telling you the same thing, you might want to examine yourself. Below you’ll find some examples of modeling dishonest behavior:

1. Lying to your spouse or children for any reason (and yes your kids can tell when their parent is lying)

2. Using a fake address so your child can attend “the right” school

3. Writing a note so your child will not get a low grade due to an unexcused absence or missed homework assignments

4. Telling your spouse or kids to tell an unwanted caller you’re not home when you actually are

5. Protecting your child from a deserved punishment or consequence from the other parent or authority figures by lying or covering for them

6. Lying about a kid’s age to get cheaper prices at restaurants, movies, amusement parks, etc.

7. Telling your family how upset you are with someone, yet not being honest with the person you have the issue with

8. Calling in sick when you’re not

9. Changing price tags on an item you cannot afford

10. Giving someone a fake reason for not attending a meeting, party, church or other get together

11. Lying to bill collectors or authorities to protect yourself or someone else from consequences

12. Omitting information, telling half the truth, etc in any situation

Avoid Passive-Aggressive Behavior

looking elsewhere

Marriage Makeover Tip:

I know many of you are reading the title of this post thinking, “That’s exactly how my spouse behaves!” Check yourself these examples may pertain to you. IJS

  • Substance abuse
  • Emotionally withdrawing from your marriage
  • Adulterous physical and emotional affairs
  • Lying, including omission
  • Refusing to participate in couple or family oriented events
  • Withholding sex and/or affection
  • Secret sins such as porn, facebook inboxing, inappropriate internet use, texting or other activities


Most counselors believe passive-aggressive anger is the most difficult anger to deal with because this anger is unmanaged and the source is usually unidentified. If either one of you is angry but are too stubborn to spend the time and energy to explore the TRUE source of the anger, your marriage is being eroded by passive aggressive anger.  And here’s a bonus, some of that may have nothing to do with your spouse and more to do with how you feel about yourself.

The enemy loves to sidetrack and destroy our marriages with sinful behaviors like those listed above because his plan is to destroy marriage.  He wants marriages based on lies, God wants marriages build on truth and his word.

If you are doing ANY of these behaviors you are destroying your marriage.

The Desire of My Eyes!!!

FFC image The Desire of My Eyes

I have been married now for 14 years.  When my wife and I first met, I was fresh out of the military and still firmly fit.  I must admit after a few years I noticed significant weight gain.  However, as long as my wife did not complain I remained the same.  A part of me was saying; “as long as she don’t say anything, I guess I’m okay.” I would also say things to myself;  such as; “well if she wants me to lose weight and buff up, she will say something.” Does this sound familiar to you?  If it does, let me be the first one to tell you; WRONG ANSWER!  No matter whether your spouse tell your or not, it is important to maintain a good physical appearance.  Not only should you do this for your spouse, but you should want this for yourself.  I believe that many relationships fail due to a lack of attraction for each other.  I have counseled many couples where the husbands especially, say that they’re no longer attracted to their wives. The lack of attraction most times is due to a significant weight gain, unkempt dressing, constant bad hair days, etc. We all understand that in some instances, things just happen.  Such as  uncontrollable weight gain during and after pregnancies, certain health problems, or even a season of depression.  In these instances it’s understandable. However, if things are within your control and your are just sitting back letting yourself go; you are WRONG! Think about it, the first thing that drew your spouse to you was your physical attraction.  He or she could have been attracted to your walk, your talk, the way you dressed, your shape, the way you wore your hair, your muscular physique, and or your beautiful  spirit.

Realistically, no one is going to remain the same.  No matter what, things will always fluctuate.  Whatever the case may be, I challenge you to evaluate your appearance.  Go on a “fitness bout!” Go shopping for some new clothes. Get a new hair do, slim down, or buff up. Whatever you have to do, just do it.  Make your spouse desire you and want you as much as they did when they first laid eyes on you.  It may be a good idea to include them in on your ordeal; you know, so they won’t think that you are cheating (another story).  Let them know that you have been slacking when it comes to your physical appearance and that you are striving to improve at it.  Tell them how much you want to make them proud to be your husband or wife. Believe it or not, there was a time where your spouse couldn’t wait to get you back in their arms again!  The sex and everything else was just crazy! What happened?  Maybe it is the attraction factor.  Its time to get it back. Get your spouses eyes back on you and only you!