Do Not Be Misled

Do not be misled

It is so important for married couples to surround themselves with other couples who have functional marriages. Isaac Kubvoruno stated that marriage is like a plant; if you surround it with weeds it will eventually get chocked, wither and die. Therefore plant your marriage among other well-maintained, well nurtured and functional marriages. Marriage flourishes in a community of other strong marriages. Pray that your spouse will choose to surround himself/self with marriage-minded people; people who will encourage him/her to be a better spouse; people who will build and not destroy your marriage. “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33.

Is it laziness or procrastination?

Please be patient with me. God isn’t finished with me yet!

What is procrastination?  How can I change a life long habit of putting important things off?  How can I reduce stress in my life by addressing issues such as meeting work deadlines, paying bills on time, and even being properly prepared for the positive aspects of life without scrambling at the last minute?  Let’s embark on an in depth personal discovery of what underlies the habits of procrastination and how to leave those habits behind in the year 2015.

Please respond to this post if you are interested in attending an 8-10 week group series delving into this topic.  Details will be forthcoming depending on the level of interest.



Under Construction

Under ConstructionIf you are having problems in your marriage I would like to encourage you to fix your focus solidly on yourself the next month.  Attempts to get your partner to change invite defensiveness.  No one likes being told they’re doing things wrong or, far worse, that they are a bad person.   Instead of pointing your finger at all the things they are doing wrong start focusing on what YOU could do differently.  If both of you are seeking to do your own upgrades, the marriage can become what you both want.


Love Listens

Few of us listen patiently. The way we communicate to our spouse reflects the condition of our heart. If we are angry because of unmet expectations then we tend to respond harshly. A lot of times in a conversation we listen to respond and not to understand. This should be our daily challenge. Try to demonstrate patience with your spouse by not saying anything negative to them, but really try to understand what they are trying to communicate to you. It is better to hold your tongue than to say something you will regret. The bible says in James 1:19, “Understand this: everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger”. If you are finding yourself not being able to hold in your anger give us a call!

Are You Addicted to Gaming Apps?

Are You Addicted to Gaming?

“Download app trivia crack.”

That is the text message I received from a co-worker/friend the other day.  At first, I ignored the text message and thought I don’t need to be sucked into a time-wasting game.  After all, I have avoided downloading any addictive games thus far, so why start?  Until I got bored waiting at the Doctor’s office…

I downloaded Trivia Crack and instantly became drawn in to a never-ending play of Trivial Pursuit.  I admit that I never won a game in Trivial Pursuit, but I am one that enjoys gaining useless knowledge.  So, here I write this article between trivia games.  Am I addicted?  Are you possibly addicted to a game app?

According to’s website, these are the top 5 signs showing that you are in need of help with gaming or internet addiction:

1. You are happy when gaming, but immediately your mood shifts to being upset or angry when you have to stop.

2. Your thoughts are distracted with gaming instead of focusing on here-and-now (such as school work, job, family time).

3. You spend more time online or on your phone game app than physically spending time with your friends.

4. When confronted about your excessive amount of time spent on games, you lie or laugh it off.

5. You view your phone, e-mails, game requests in the middle of the night when you find it hard to sleep.

If you find yourself showing any of the following signs, you’re not alone.  There is roughly 10% of individuals that are addicted to some form of gaming.  If you notice yourself doing any of these signs, tell someone who you trust.  Admitting to an addiction is the first step towards recovery and overcoming the addiction.  Seeking professional counseling can assist in freeing yourself from the bond of addiction.  Are you ready to take that first step?  If so, contact Family First Counseling!

Unique Resolutions for 2015!

Unique ResolutionsEvery year I attempt to establish and maintain a new year resolution… some how I continue to fail each year.  Maybe I’m setting my resolutions too high, too low, too narrow or too broad.  Whatever it is, I tend to fail after 3 weeks in.  Sound familiar for you too?  Well, I did some research online to see what kind of resolutions others have made that possible could suite me as well.  One website that I came across,, had an article about 10 unusual New Year’s resolutions.  As I read through the article, I found the resolutions to be fascinating and actual realistic resolutions!  I knew once I found this article, I had to share the findings to others.  Here is the run down on’s 10 alternative resolutions:

1. Take a selfie in 5 interesting places.  5 selfies a year is doable without going overboard and being called a “Selfieholic”.  Travel around town and take pictures of you enjoying your surroundings!  If you are able to afford traveling overseas, go and do it.  The article offers suggestions of locations to take your selfie may include: sitting in an igloo in Lapland, walking The Great Wall of China, discovering the interior of a volcanic crater or receiving a mud mask from the Dead Sea.

2. Learn a decent party trick.  Learn a new skill to impress your friends at the next gathering.  Maybe it can be a new card trick?  How about being able to recite the states in alphabetical order within 30 seconds?  Challenging yourself to learn new capabilities will also increase your self-esteem!

3. Break a record.  Requiring a confidence boost?  Here it is!  Whether it be a personal record or a Guinness Book of World Records, go out there and break it.  Breaking a record is not only for runners, but there are some bizarre records too.  For example: world’s longest kiss, time spent jumping on a trampoline or the fastest running time for a mile in scuba gear.  Go on out there and break a record (literally or figuratively — maybe the most broken records?).

4. Make a new friend a month.  Attend social events, create connections via online and/or network with friends of friends.  Not only does an increase in your support system help increase your health, but adding new friends to your circle of friends increases your knowledge of cultures and personalities.  This one may be a challenge for introverts, but I have confidence that you will be successful!

5. Develop a good relationship with your body.  Instead of finding faults, be content with your body — all of it.  Dieting and a fitness routine can assist with your health, but what this resolution is saying is to be content with your body throughout the process.  Increase your body confidence by focusing on what you do like about your body and avoiding negative talk.  I promise you that we all have flaws on our body, but love them anyhow!  They are what makes you, you.

6. Learn something you never learned as a child.  Did you ever have a chance to learn how to swim or ride a bicycle?  How about doing a handstand or cartwheel?  Go on and find your inner child and allow him or her to express the joy of childhood.  One of the things that I have set for myself is to learn how to write right-handed (I’m left-handed)… it definitely looks like a child’s handwriting, but I enjoy the process of attempting and hopefully one day be considered ambidextrous.

7. Try a new food each week.  Do you find yourself going straight to the same item on the menu at a restaurant or cooking countless mac-n-cheese meals on a weekly basis?  If so, expand your taste buds!  Many of us do not obtain a varied diet, so ensure you are receiving the nutrition your body requires by putting this resolution into action.  At the same time you might find yourself enhancing your enjoyment of food!

8. Make the usual unusual.  Most of us are comfortable with a familiar routine… after all, it might be the only thing that we believe we have actual control over.  However, the article challenges you to add some variety into your routine.  They suggest doing one small thing differently each day or week.  Some examples may be: ordering a mocha latte instead of a chai tea latte, wearing an outfit that you might not usually wear, drive a different route to work.

9. Sort out a financial worry.  Are you up to your eyeballs in debt?  I know I am as a graduate and new home owner.  Here’s one resolution that can be a life boat to your financial troubles.  Think of alternatives to reduce the financial stress.  If you are close to work, maybe ride a bicycle or city transportation instead of driving?  How about starting your own garden for fresh vegetables instead of purchasing them at the grocery store?  Or maybe you can reduce the amount spent eating out by making home cooked meals?  By the way, home cooked meals are wayyyy better than restaurants any day!

10. Do something nice for others every day.  While a lot of us are focused on bettering ourselves financially, physically, spiritually… it is also nice to contribute to others.  Of course, make sure you do not neglect yourself when focusing on others – you are important!  Doing something nice for others on a daily basis doesn’t have to cost a thing, it could be just being present and listening to someone, giving compliments or donating blood.  By giving to others, you will find yourself increasing in happiness and a sense of achievement.  So, go on and say “Hello” to a stranger today!

Have you found a resolution that fits you?  If so, feel free to share down below in the comments!