Introverted Children in an Extroverted World

Introverted Children in an Extroverted WorldBeing an introvert, I can testify to the internal battle between my temperament and the expectations that I feel set upon me due to the world in which we live.  Extroverted people are valued and deemed as go-getters and desirable friends.  Introverts are considered as lagging in social skills and often misunderstood.  Imagine how delighted I was when I picked up the book “The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child” by Marti Olden Laney, Psy.D.  This book is significant as it gives practical ways to understand and parent the introverted child without making them feel that something is wrong with them.  Even more important, the book debunks the myths set upon introverts:

  1. Introverted Children are shy. Introverts have the skills to interact with others successfully; they just need to recharge their batteries. However, shy children are anxious or fearful about interacting with others.
  2. Introverted Children are not friendly. Introverted children can be friendly but every situation is not an ideal situation for them to express themselves.
  3. Introverted Children are not interested in other people. Introverted children are very interested in making and maintaining friendships with others – they tend to enjoy doing so on a one-to-one basis.
  4. Introverted Children are self-absorbed. Although it is true that introverts are focused on their feelings and thoughts, they are equally interested in learning about the thoughts and feelings of others.

So then what is introversion?  Introverts prefer interaction in small quantities while extroverts prefer action/excitement.  Introverts take time to process emotions but extroverts are able to react immediately. What is important is not to look through the eyes of introverted vs. extroverted but to understand each and celebrate both.  If you are struggling to connect with your introverted  child or worried about their social-emotional development, contact us!  We can help.


What Does Autism Mean to You?

What Does Autism Means to You?

Autism awareness month is winding down. As I look around at schools or in neighborhoods, I see support autism signs and homes with blue lights on them. The question I ask myself is, once the month is over what’s next for autism? I do appreciate the month where autism should be place on the forefront of everyone’s mind as a reminder of such a crazy and unexplained epidemic that has taken hold of so many children and families lives. However, I am not one that celebrate the month because I live with it 365 days a year. My son Jaylon, is a walking billboard of what Autism is. He was diagnose ten years ago at age 3 and it has been a roller coaster ever since. I have watch him struggle to form a word to now talking back to me when I asked him to do something. Although I hate when he talks back to me, I love the fact that he can. My son is still developmentally behind, but he has made tremendous progress that has truly inspired and amazed me.  He is my inspiration and has taught me what true love is…

To those that are raising a child/children with special needs, I understand your heartache, pain, love and commitment to your child/children. GOD chose us to be the caregivers to his special children. No matter how hard it get both emotionally and financially, please know that because we were chosen to care for GOD child/children, GOD will always take care of us. If there is anyway I can assist you and your family, please give me a call. We are all in this together….


What Does Autism Means to You?

This is what Autism means to me!!