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12 June 2015
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Is It Really Love….Online???

I was talking with a couple of my girlfriends a few weeks back……(two single…one divorced the other never married) and two married. The topic for most of this conversation was dating and how to find a “good man.” They turn to me, since I have been married for almost two decades, (yep the longest in […]

11 June 2015
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1st Love 1st Hero

DAD: A SON’S FIRST HERO A DAUGHTERS FIRST LOVE Fathers make all the difference in the world. They are so important in their children’s lives. As a dad you are chosen for a very special assignment.  Leadership from a father has tremendous positive effects like better school performance and better self-confidence. Kids learn by watching […]

8 June 2015
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True Words Out of Babes…

One of my two, too many, jobs as a LPC Intern is being a group facilitator for a battering intervention prevention program (BIPP).  With that being said, I work with men and women who have battered their intimate partner/family member.  I love facilitating these individuals, because they provide insight into why someone would hurt their […]

7 June 2015
Self Worth
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Are we performing more efficiently when we multitask?  The American culture tends to value fitting as much “production/ performance” into a unit of time as possible assuming that we are in essence multiplying the effects of the time spent.  The result of this endeavor is having our attention and focus divided.  We have lost the […]

6 June 2015
Self Improvement
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A Dream Deferred!!!

Have you ever planned for something and/or envisioned something only to find obstacle after obstacle hindering you from achieving the ultimate end result? I recently encountered such an issue…the light at the end of the tunnel was very dim. Despite it all I continued to have faith and hope that I would eventually accomplish my […]

5 June 2015
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Am I the Right Spouse?

It is so easy to point out the faults of our spouse. We can easily come up with a list of things that bother us about them: He does not help with chores, is inconsiderate, doesn’t listen, leaves dirty dishes everywhere, watches too much tv, and the list goes on. Same for vice versa: she […]

4 June 2015
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The Elephant in Your Relationship

Is there an elephant in your relationship?  You’ve noticed an agonizing difference between the two of you that is the size of an elephant!  Maybe you know what the elephant is but you don’t know how to fix it.  Perhaps you don’t know what the elephant is but you want to fix it.  The elephant […]

3 June 2015
Spiritual Growth
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The Best Gift

Are you in a marriage where your spouse has either walked away from the Lord or never knew him? I was the unbelieving partner when I first met my husband. So how did I get to the point where I am now? Today, I love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, and mind. […]

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