Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Did you recently lose a job or a loved one?  Are you experiencing difficulties along your pathway to recovery?  Whatever you are experiencing at this current moment, you are not alone.  Yes, the choices that are made, whether you invoked them or they presented themselves to you, God is with you.  There is a reason why you are experiencing this choice.  Many of us may ask God “why me”?  Instead, ask yourself what can I do for Him with what’s been presented.

To mask your emotions with distractions (alcohol, drugs, work, sex, etc) would be a disservice to Him.  We are human, we all experience a range of emotions.  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  What that means is simply this: Feel your feelings… allow yourself to be humble and acknowledge that you are human.  As humans, we need to break down at times to build ourselves up.  Use God to assist you during these times.  He will never leave you.

When we actually feel our emotions, we are then available to listen to our inner hearts and what God has presented to us: a gift.  He gives us strength to overcome, keep us moving forward and to follow what He truly wants us to do.


Change: Is It Possible?


Change Is It Possible

“Suppose I decide I want to be a great singer.  I rent a concert hall, and advertise in all the papers:  Come and hear the concert.  The time comes for the concert to begin.  I go out onto the platform, and the piano gives the introduction.  I open my mouth.  My voice squeaks and cracks and fades away, and above the shouts of laughter and derision, I make my way offstage.  I have chosen to be a great singer, but I can’t perform.”  Faith That Works by Morris L. Venden

Have you ever made a good choice in your life but still struggle with your performance?  You have taken the first step.  You made a choice to change, but knowing how to make the changes remains a mystery.  Change and pinpointing what affects your performance is a process that takes time.  We can help you maneuver and make steps towards a better performance.  Contact us!

Labor Day!!!

New Year's Resolution

Labor Day is the day that we celebrate working…..yay!!! I suppose it is yay in the context that you have a job….especially if you need a job. Preparing a big feast….(this is usually our last bar-b-que of the year) is a lot of work….but hey, it beats being at the office. I do love that we watch the U.S. Open as a family…team Serena all the way. So enjoy celebrating working and don’t forget… white after Labor Day….lol!!!

Vacation or Stresscation!!!

Many families travel during the summer. The kids are out of school and it makes travel easier. Planning the right vacation for you family can sometimes be stressful. Especially when no one really wants to take the same type of vacation.  For example, my family recently took a summer vacation.  My idea of a fun vacation is a beautiful location, where I have to do minimal work…..laying around sipping on mai tai’s. My husband’s idea of a fun vacation is seeing sights and learning. The kids, of course want thrill and action. This year was my husband’s pick. He chose New York and Washington D.C. I happen to love both places so I was on board…..I totally forgot how much walking these places entail….my Fitbit was in super throttle mode the entire trip.  Prior to the trip, we were back and forth on the details of the trip…this to me is the stressful part, along with being on a schedule to make sure you get everything in….yeah, my husband’s a planner. Even though it was not my ideal vacation, I think we all had a awesome time…….and extra family bonding time and in the end that’s all that matters!!!

First Day of School: Separation Anxiety

FirstDayofSchoolIt’s the start of another school year, and families everywhere are approaching an important milestone – leaving their child with another caregiver.  Although, this is an exciting time, it can also be an anxiety-provoking time for you and your child.  Maybe it’s the first time you are leaving them at daycare or their first day ever at school, but you and your child have to cope with  separation from one another.  It is important that your child learns early in the process that they are going to be okay when you leave and that when you leave you will always return.  Some children are extra shy or sensitive so this may be a difficult time for them and it may take longer for them to transition.  Here are some ideas to prepare for the first few days and/or weeks of their first time in school:

  1. Help your child become familiar to their new school. Tour the school and/or daycare with your child. If you aren’t able to tour inside, at least pass by the school and show them their school.  Read them books about first days of school and use the book as a springboard to talk to your child about their first day of school.
  2. Make sure you always say goodbye, but keep the goodbyes brief. Don’t sneak out; it may be easier for you, but it may cause more distress for your child as they will be unsure when and if you will return. When you say goodbye, let them know when you will return (i.e. after P.E., after lunch, etc).
  3. Be relaxed and act cheerful when you say goodbye. If you are also struggling with goodbyes, don’t let your child see you upset. If you show your worry, they will have more reason to fill unsafe at their new school.  If you are calm, it will calm their worries.


Marry Someone You Like

Marry Someone You Like

Many people usually marry because of love. Love is a very powerful emotion. It has been equated to a drug in many instances. Many divorces happen because love simmers over time. People move from being ‘in love’ to just loving as time passes. That puppy love feeling of butterflies and giggles fades and as time passes. This is one of the reasons of empty nest syndrome. When families and parents are in the hustle and bustle of raising families and working there is very little room for romance. Once the children are gone from the house the couple remaining is forced to deal with each other. It is in these instances that people find out it is very possible to love someone and not like them. In order for a marriage to work, the two people involved must not only love each other they must also like each other. Marriages are built on many foundations. These foundations include trust, love, communication, and compromise. None of these attributes can truly be achieved when there is a like or attraction. There is an old saying that love conquers all. This statement is very inadequate. It can fil in the gap for many things, but to need a support team just s anything else in life. If a couple doesn’t truly like each other when left to themselves life becomes routine instead of exciting. The lack of like in relationships could easily be because of the times we live. No one is dating anymore. There is no romance and wooing. As a result people are not getting to know each other as well before marriage and living solely from the emotion of love that will with instead of being compatible overall.