Pro Bono and Family!!!


Baking and cake decorating is my relaxation therapy as well as a hobby I have become pretty good at. I enjoy baking when I want to do it. I do have some repeat paying customers. They seem to be pleased and I do go out of my way to accommodate them. I do wonder if my gift is a Blessing or a curse at times…usually when I’m dealing with family members.  For some reason a lot of my family members feel that when it comes to me and baking….pro bono is the only way.   Normally, when I am doing cakes etc… for kids in my family I do not charge unless the parent decided to do a last minute request! I do request that family members who are constantly in need of goods pay for the ingredients….yeah, they agree to do so and then I do not receive a dime….. although they do receive the cake etc…. I have noticed that the request are becoming more frequent, the details more difficult….yet the funds are remaining the same. I recently had a request that entailed a lot of detail….which is very time consuming. This person would have easily had to pay over $150.00 for this service….but I am out of time and money. I think my family is abusing the pro bono privilege.  My question is, should I continue to provide this service pro bono to family members…even when we have agreed on other arrangements or should I start charging them a fee for all services? I’m not getting the relaxation out of it….sigh!!!


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  1. Even with family members we are in need of establishing and maintaining boundaries. That is one way to keep our sanity! If you are finding less joy in a hobby and finding more stress, you have to make some changes. Yes, your clientele may change, but you will find more pleasure in your hobby. Now… if it’s not too big of a bother… can I have a four tier strawberry, german chocolate, red velvet and vanilla cake within the next 48 hours for pro bono? Thanks, I appreciate you!

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