Power of Music

Power of Music

Have you ever wondered why we feel better when we listen to music?  Well, there is proof in the pudding, er I mean, notes!

According to BestBinauralBeats.org, a website dedicated to research on music and mood, the rhythm and tone of music has the most impact on our brain.  Our heartbeat synchs up with the rhythm, while the tone relays to our brain the attached emotions.  It’s amazing to think that an external sound can regulate our mood in that way!

The website goes on to state how you can increase the “mood-boosting benefits of music” by:

  1. Rise and shine with light, easy music.  The peak time to get moving with a grooving is around breakfast time.  So, while you eat your eggs and bacon, listen to some enjoyable music.
  2. Meditation and soft music will help decrease anxiety.  Are you feeling jittery or sad?  If so, listen to some calming tunes, such as wind chimes, nature, waterfalls, etc.  Listening to soothing music will sooth you over like a blanket of comfort.
  3. “Choose ‘directed tones'”.  Allow your brain to grow by alternating the music in the sound of one ear and then the other.  Your brain will follow the sound and in exchange, so will your mood.
  4. Provide down time from listening to your tunes.  In order to train your brain to change emotions, allow distinction between quiet time and therapeutic tune time.  Allow your brain to anticipate the next time you listen to music.  If you listen to music constantly, then the effect to lower anxiety will diminish, because it is no longer paired with set music time.
  5. Hard or fast music is appropriate in doses.  With a fast rhythm, our heart beat increases, which in turn can increase anxiety.  Don’t stop listening to the music you love, but recognize the effect it has on our bodies and emotions.
ROCK ON (hard or lightly)!  Overall, enjoy your tunes and enjoy the effect it has on your emotions!

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  1. Agreed! Music has always had a special way of soothing my soul. Thanks for giving the background to how are brain, music, and emotions are connected.

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