Police Abuse: Here We Go Again!!!

Spirit of Fear

This past week another police officer in South Carolina….in my opinion abused his power. He slams a teenage African-American female student because she refused to put her cellphone away and spit her gum out when asked to do so by her teacher.  When is enough…enough!!! This type of brutality is the current norm and should not be accepted by anyone. Perhaps, this type of abuse also occurs with other ethnic groups  but from what I can see…it seems to be specifically geared towards the African-American population.  Black Lives Matter…..what steps need to take place so we are all treated humane.  View the video and let me know what you think…appropriate or inappropriate?



1 thought on “Police Abuse: Here We Go Again!!!

  1. I first saw this on News One – absolutely outrageous and 100% inappropriate!! The fact that the other students are sitting in silence makes me ponder if this is the norm in the school AND the teacher did not step in to say enough is enough, disgusting!

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