Family Counseling

There is a popular adage that you cannot choose your family.  But you can choose to love them.  Families often experience conflict due to parent-child conflict, parenting styles, step and blended families, grief and parental discord.  Our belief is that a family is a system, therefore, no one person can be the cause of trouble in the system.  We also feel that understanding you means understanding your family makeup, your cultural heritage and the roles you employ in your current relationships.  Our family counseling will consist of focusing on acknowledging the voice of all members; understanding each person’s role and expectations and how that affects each person in the family unit.

Family First Counseling offers a comfortable and safe place to explore feelings that seem overwhelming. Our counselors are objective listeners, and work with individuals in the family to increase their communication skills and problem-solving abilities as well as identify strengths and sort out options.

Family counseling is provided, sometimes with the entire family group and sometimes with individuals.  Family Counseling helps family members improve their understanding of, and the way they respond to, one another.  This type of counseling can resolve patterns of behavior that might lead to more severe mental illness.  It can also help educate individuals about the nature of mental disorders and teach them skills to cope better with the effects of having a family member with a mental illness (e.g. how to deal with feelings of anger or guilt).

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