Octavia O'Neal-Womack, LPC Intern |

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Octavia O'Neal-Womack
Octavia O'Neal-Womack

LPC Intern
Arlington Counseling Center
Individual/Couple/Family - $60.00
Depression | Anxiety | Children | Adolescents | Adults | Family Conflict | Intellectual | Disability | Life Transitions and Stressors


Octavia believes client’s unique thoughts and feelings are connected to behavior. Awarding the pace and direction of therapy to be controlled by the client allows for the client to determine and understand their quality of life, growth, challenges and readiness for change.

She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore thoughts and feelings with the goal of changing unhelpful patterns of behavior. Working with children and adolescents in the mental health field from the capacity of Case Management to Direct Care of IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) clients has allowed Octavia to help advance strengths while addressing patterns and behaviors from a developmental lens.

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