New Year Family Resolution

New Year Family ResolutionThe New Year is here and most people have their New Year’s resolution list made up and trying to implement their plan into action. Starting the year off with improving yourself and your family is excellent, but do not overwhelm yourself with so much change that you change nothing.  I think doing something new/different once a week is a good start for change. Making this a family affair is even better. Even though we all have our own individual resolutions, I think having a family resolution would bring everyone closer. It does not have to be big or hard, just something that the family can accomplish together. One thing I have planned to do this year with my daughter is learn a different language, we have already started. I have a friend who speaks Swahili, my daughter and I have been in around this person for 2 years, we understand some of the words and conversational talk, but we cannot speak anything. So this year we are going to learn to understand more and speak Swahili together. So I challenge everyone to do a New Year’s family resolution and next year asses how far you have grown as a family.

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  1. Brilliant idea! I never thought about setting a family resolution.. now I’m choosing to implement one! One resolution that my husband and I should start is to increase our spirituality by attending church services and discussing scriptures more often. Thanks for the article!

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