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7 June 2015
Self Worth
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Are we performing more efficiently when we multitask?  The American culture tends to value fitting as much “production/ performance” into a unit of time as possible assuming that we are in essence multiplying the effects of the time spent.  The result of this endeavor is having our attention and focus divided.  We have lost the art of being present in the moment in our work and personal lives.  Even something as simple as doing the dishes can be a better experience if we are practicing being mindful in the moment.

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2 responses on “Multitasking

  1. Yep, I’m guilty of being on auto pilot as well! When we take time and notice the joy (or lack of joy — in example: washing dishes), we appreciate more of life. I always pick one thing each day that I appreciate – whether it is brushing my teeth and noticing them individually or scrubbing on my doggies. Thanks for this reminder LeeAnn!

  2. Interesting read….I do kind of go into auto-pilot mode when performing certain daily tasks.

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