Money and Marriage!!!

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After viewing several readings via the web it is clear that money, marriage and divorce are linked and not in a good way. Per certain articles, the earlier the financial arguments begin, the higher the chance of divorce. I did not read any articles that discussed if couples actually sit down prior to marriage to discuss finances and what impact this would have on the divorce rate. In my opinion, your upbringing plays a significant factor on how you spend and save money.  Naturally, this upbringing spills over into your adult life and marriage. I suggest that regardless of your upbringing, once in a committed relationship as far as finances and others topics are concerned compromise….compromise…..compromise is key. Sitting down and coming up with a plan with your significant other that you both can both live with is an excellent idea.  My husband and I do have different views when it comes to money. He wants to save for a rainy day…, I want it now. Again,  compromise has played a significant factor in our money situation. Compromise and the trust that the plan we came up with is what is best for our family. During our earlier years of marriage, it was necessary to save and I was not as laxed as I am today with my spending. Early in our marriage, we devised a savings plan and stuck to it. We are not rich by any means but we are okay. Over time our plan has changed to fit our needs and wants as the years have passed by.  My husband will always be saving for when the rainy day comes and oddly, I am fine with this.  Find what works for you and your significant other and stick to it. I have included a link that discuss 13 money tips for married couples. The most important thing to remember is that you are a part of a team and are working together to enhance your family.


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  1. I think fiances will always be the topic of most marriages. I like you have never really had to save money for “a rainy day” due to been the only child. Money was something that my family never spoke on, it was just if you have it and want it get it. Today I’m TRYING to do things different with my kids, they have saving accounts where they pull money for things that they would like to buy. It helps them to see if it’s worth REALLY spending their money on. Hoping this will help them in their transition into adulthood.

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