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20 May 2014
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There was this married couple who was having sexual problems in their marriage.  During their sexual intimate moments the husband would desire his wife to perform oral sex on him.  However, the wife was not in agreement.  She said every time she performed such an act with him, it made her feel ashamed, and dirty.  She discussed with her husband that she did not like doing that and would rather refrain from it. Instead of trying to compromise with his wife concerning this issue, he would make her feel guilty by telling her that she did not truly love him if she was not willing to perform this act.  He would even sometimes force her into it!  If she refused, he made her feel bad and would not speak to her for long periods of time.  So instead of having the enmity between them she compromised and continued to perform oral sex on him whenever they were sexually intimate. 

What this woman experienced was sexual abuse!  Anytime someone forces anyone to perform a sexual act against their will; it is sexual abuse.  Sexual acts performed in the marriage should be agreed upon.  Hebrews 13:4 explains that marriage is honorable and the bedroom is undefiled.  This means that whatever the two do concerning their sexual intimacy, it is rightfully permissible as long as the acts are natural and both parties agree. 

If you find yourself in a situation as such, you should seek help immediately.  No one should be subjected to this type of abuse!


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2 responses on “Married or Not; this is Sexual Abuse!!!

  1. Wow! Thanks for speaking out on this!

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