Laws of Attraction

Some singles are in a committed relationship and others are hoping that Cupid will strike his arrow and they will attract the right person into their life.  Instead of dating blindly, here are some laws of attraction to study while waiting for Cupid to hit his mark.


Obviously, we are initially, romantically attracted to the physical, the first thing that draws our attention.  Let’s be clear.  This is important.  Physical attraction includes anything from good hygiene and fitness to a great smile.


Once we are drawn physically, intellectual compatibility is important in igniting a friendship and sustaining a relationship.  Fulfilling conversations and mutual interests add to the initial physical attraction.


You’ve now established that you both are physically and mentally attracted to one another.  Spiritual attraction is one step deeper.  Do we share a similar commitment to serving others, God, and spiritual growth?  Do their words match their actions?  Are our moral codes on the same level?


Financial stressors can be challenging.  You’re a saver, your mate is a spender.  You want to help your family in a crisis, but your mate disagrees.  Your mate wants to wait on the sale date, you want to buy now.  Do you and your mate share similar ideals of financial security and responsibility?


What other laws of attraction can you think of?

2 thoughts on “Laws of Attraction

  1. I think another law of attraction could be if you want children. So many people get into a relationship unsure if their partner or spouse want kids. Some go into a relationship knowing the other person does not want children, but they hope to change their minds. It is important to know and understand what each other want and need in the relationship.

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