Is It Stress or Depression!!!

What do you do?

I recently attended a depression seminar. One of the ladies in the audience posed the question,:”how do you know if it is just stress or if it is really depression?” I was sitting there thinking how insightful. Why, because stress and depression have very similar symptoms. Both can cause changes in eating and sleeping habits at both ends of the spectrum……eating to little/eating to much…..sleeping a few hours/sleeping all day. They both can cause trouble with memory and concentration. They can both cause anger and irritability. The main difference between stress and depression is isolation and despair.   Normally, stress drives us to be more ambitious but we tend to share these feelings with others. Whereas depression you tend to isolate yourself and have a sense that things will never get better. I found the panel very insightful. I do have a question? Because of the similarities, do you think stress can lead to depression?

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  1. I never really sat down and thought about the slight difference between the two. I wish I could have been at that seminar, because it sounded interesting. I do believe that too much stress can lead to burn out which then can lead to depression – lack of energy to do anything. Thanks for sharing the itty bitty difference between stress and depression!

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