In this Situation… Self Control is Necessary!!!!!

FFC Self Control Image

One afternoon  as I was going through a fast food drive thru, I had a run in with “the devil” himself!  After I placed my order, I proceeded to pull my vehicle up.  Because there were several cars in front of me, I could only pull up but so far.  As I was sitting in the line, I heard a loud screaming like noise.  So I turned down the radio and lowered my window to see where this noise was coming from.  I was in total disbelief!  The young girl in the car behind me was shouting with profanity at me to pull my car up.  She was using some extreme choice words.  I tried to remain calm and tell her that I could not go any further until the line moves.  She persisted to scream with profanity to tell me to move.  By this time I had got heated up!  I was no longer going to let this young girl call me out of my name and scream profanity at me.  I proceeded to get out of my car, however; I stopped.  It took me a few seconds to realize that getting out of my car would not be the best thing to do in this situation.  By this time the young girl backed up and stormed out of the parking lot continuously screaming and yelling.

How many times have we been in  these type situations?  I have learned in life that there will be moments like this.  It is in these moments that we have to employ our God-given fruit of the spirit called “self-control.”  I could have very easily got out of my car and got into a physical confrontation.  However, I realize that would not have been the best thing to do.  We really have to learn to think before we act.  My quick thinking to not get out of the car very well saved me some unnecessary consequences.

Try not to let life’s situations take control of you.  Refuse to act off of impulse.  Remember you always have a choice.  Choose self-control!  For in the end, YOU WIN!



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