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1 April 2015
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The Importance of a Father.

A father is the most important person in a girl’s life. He is the one that shows her how a man is supposed to treat, love and provide for her. Every girl wants to feel so secure and loved in such a way they can tell a boy, ” If you hurt me I am  going to tell my DADDY!” So why is so many girls growing up with absent fathers? I think this generation of fathers did not grow up with a father of their own, so they don’t understand how to become one.

For too many years women have had to be both mother and father to their children. How can we change the pattern of behavior so we have great fathers for our children. We can start by having real men mentor our young males. As women, we will go above and beyond the call of duty to care for our children, but we can’t teach a boy how to become a man. We have to allow our boys to be mentored by strong men that will lead and guide them in the right direction. If you don’t have a positive man in your life for your son, try getting into a good church or organization  that has a mentoring program.

Once a boy becomes a man, he takes on the responsibility in caring for his family. He understands that he is not only the most important person in his family or daughter’s life, but he is now teaching his son how to become a man by being present in his life.

Daughter’s need men to teach them how to love and respect themselves. It can help them with loving themselves and not allowing a man to manipulate them. If we want your daughters to have a  good father in her life, we first have to love and respect ourselves. We can not expect a man to love us if we don’t love and cherish ourselves.

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2 responses on “The Importance of a Father

  1. I agree that fathers play an important role in one’s development. The father, whether it be biological or chosen, needs to be present in the child/children’s life spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without these three in place, the child/children may experience developmental set backs. Fathers, be present for your child/children, they DO need you!

  2. Vernesa Perry says:

    Thank you for this powerful blog!! You are so right, FATHERS are vital!

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